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A Quiet Riot.

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Zitkala-Ša, also known as Gertrude Simmons Bonnin, was the most amazing woman you’ve never heard of.
A writer, editor, musician, teacher and political activist, she was born on February 22, 1876 on the Yankton Indian Reservation in South Dakota. Her mother was Sioux and her father, who abandoned the family when she was very young, was European-American.
When she was eight, missionaries came to the res and took Zitkala-Ša along with several other children to the White’s Manual Labor Institute in Wabash, Indiana, one of many such institutions where Native children were forced to assimilate into white American culture. She studied piano and violin and eventually took the place of her teacher when she resigned. When she received her diploma in 1895, she delivered a speech on women’s rights.
She earned a scholarship to Earlham College, where she continued to study music. From 1897-99, she played with the New England Conservatory in Boston and played at the Paris Exposition in 1900. She collaborated with composer William F. Hanson on the world’s first Native American opera, based entirely on Sioux melodies that had previously existed only as oral tradition. She would play the melodies and Hanson transcribed them. The Sun Dance Opera debuted in 1913 to warm reviews, but I can find no recordings of it, and it seems it’s never performed.
Zitkala-Ša also wrote a number of collections of Native American stories and legends. She wrote them in Latin when she was at school and then translated them into English. She was the first Native person to do so in her own words, without a white editor or translator. In addition, she wrote extensively about her schooling and how it left her torn between her Sioux heritage and her assimilation into white culture. Her writings were published in The Atlantic Monthly and in Harper’s and she served as editor for the American Indian Magazine.
Unsurprisingly, most of her writings were political. She was a fierce yet charismatic advocate for Native American rights. Her efforts helped pass the Indian Citizenship Act and the Indian Reorganization Act. Having founded the National Coalition of American Indians, she spent the rest of her life fighting to protect our many indigenous communities from exploitation.
Her accomplishments were incredible- but have you ever heard of her? I had never heard of her either. Just another example of a history-changing woman omitted from the history books.
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Navajo Kindergartner Sent Home from School, Ordered to Cut His Hair
On Monday, a 5-year-old Native American boy was sent home on his first day of school and ordered to cut his hair short because it allegedly violated district policy, the boy’s mother said.The child, Malachi Wilson, an enrolled citizen of the Navajo Nation, had been looking forward to his first day of kindergarten at F.J. Young Elementary in Seminole, Texas.

Unless this is a private school they cAnt legally make him do that

Long hair is a Native boy’s pride, like that’s so horrible that’s a part of their culture and they think they can make him do that

Ugh it looks like they allowed him to attend the school and keep the length of his hair…but only after they received legal documentation that he’s Navajo. That’s fucking ridiculous.
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I am so excited to share the images from my first studio session with Chris Crumley. My favorite part about this photo is how my hair and tail make up the primary color palette. 
**Please not that these images are copyrighted, which means they cannot be saved, copied, I used in any way without the photographers permission. You can share it at 

Photographer- Chris Crumley 
Model- Hannah Burgess 
Location- Virginia Beach Lake Side Studio
Tail-Mertailor Mermaid tails @themertailor 
Top-self made
Wailua Falls
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  #I want to put Dean in the middle of this just to make him uncomfortable

guys what’s happening

g u y s.

The Doctor seemed lonely

i do what i want

Viva la vida loki

If there is a day this isn’t on my blog, you can assume I’m dead.

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Nothing says “I support gay equality” like a straight couple kissing in public.

… I’m a girl
We’re both girls

nothing says “I support equality” like assuming someone is a boy because they have short hair